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harlan heuker

Today Sunday,21th of June,2015 3.30 PM (GMT)

Since several months Europe is the theatre of a tragic struggle between the IMF ,Euro-Group and Greece. It seems that today is  a decisive day ,this evening the premier op Greece will be in Brussels ,after he met Mr. Juncker yesterday, since this morning the Greek government is in meeting.

I have being studying so many figures that a can't see them .They speak and speak the politicians also about figures ,as it was possible to see that behind the figures there are humans , what their situation is in banknotes they have rights ,human rights ,Dignity , Work, Water, Meals and freedom .There is not doubt this rights are in different ways ,not respected.

Today ,but the information is almost not relayed by the media(even not by the BBC website) , very strange ,but there are since two weeks rumors that the loans from IMF and Europe to help this country was not used for that purpose at a level of 77% ,the last figures , received this morning it's 90% !!!!this billions are gone directly German, French and Holland banks , on some to other countries , as reimbursements. So this loans ,supposed helping Greece , in fact where used to support the banks outside of Greece. This is a violation of the agreements , of the European rules by the euro-group and the they are illegal and are not due .

If the Greek negotiators will use the argument this evening ,i don't know of course.

The other 10% ? some people think that the Greek army received it ,but this is not verified. Or are they ready to redo the little 'coup' of the colonels in 1967 ?

It is fact that Greece is a test case for all the multinationals who are very present ,behind the curtains it would be a royal boulevard to Asianate the European countries with wages as in Asia with well qualified poor workers : to paraphrase a Greek journalist ' Europe becomes a big prison ,with multinationals in command ;a paradise for  wild capitalism.  

  Some figurers about Greece after the so altruistic help from Europe and IMF


€56bn Greece debt owes Germany

177% country's debt-to-GDP ratio

25% fall in GDP since 2010

26% Greek unemployment rate

Source: ECB, IMF, Greek National Statistics Agency

  Japanese  cherry cloves by little-one-girlphoto from Little-one-Girl                                                                                                                                

                                                                                                                                                                                 hichb  2015  5.30 PM

The incontestable Democratic elected Greek's parliament has elected a Democratic government.

 The European commission is a political non-elected organism, same for the IMF.

 Since months the negotiations between the Greek's  government and the two organisms are nowhere ,because the humiliation of the Greek's people is for every social minded European insupportable ,since years the poorness of this people imposed by imf and commission have deprived this people from all the social amenities and benefits.

 They ask again to diminish, once again the elderly retirees benefits ,but when the government propose to diminish the military budget with 200 million  euros ,the imf answers we cannot negotiate that because it would be a 

Interference!!!!  The people driven to despair is not interfering!!!

FACTS: The unemployment is above 25 %, how survive with almost nothing? 
 The prostitution has be x times since the crisis, a way to survive?
The wages for a university degree is lower than 800€, but most are unemployed! 
             Ultimate despair: a few cases of self-inoculation with AIDS, because this gives access to so
             Advantages, they will dye younger but the will have food now. 
 Yes a lot Greek's people have hunger every day since years.

That's the way Europe ,Nobel prize for peace , threatens this people ,i'm in SHAME ,SHAME ,SHAME .

 Europe will becomes a prison, with the poor in it, and the collabo's outside (Greek journalist).

HICHB   2015


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